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Influence Oracle - See Results!  Oracle’s new customer advisory panels

In an effort to provide richer and timelier product feedback to the development teams Oracle is implementing a product advisory panel program.   Each Oracle product line will have a panel of customers invited to provide detailed product feedback.

  • Panelists will be periodically polled to:

o   Understand product sat levels

o   Validate areas for improvement

o   Help set future product direction

  • Representative panelist samples will be balanced by customer demographics, product releases and product families
  • Panels are sponsored by the General Managers with content tailored to support their organizations
  • Feedback from panelists will be provided to Oracle Development teams in a timely manner and trended against prior input
  • Results are incorporated into broader deliverables shared with the Oracle Executive Committee and Board of Directors

Panelists will receive the following benefits from joining the advisory panels:
  • Direct line into Development to help enhance products and help set product direction in synch with Oracle's development cycles
  • Thank you note sent directly from the product line GM summarizing results, providing insight on action plans and sharing information to help increase ROI
  • Access to Customer Connect, a membership-only based community that is the premier place to network and view results from recent customer panels
  • Access to additional product information shared by Oracle GMs on product feedback, action plans and insight

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